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KY tasting

Bars and Taverns


 Ceres Cafe, inside the building
 141 W Jackson Blvd
 (at W Jackson St at LaSalle St)
 Chicago, IL 60604
 (312) 427-3443


Gonzo Imperial Porter from Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD


    Proof Calculator
    Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour and
    Where to get AAA Ten Year
    If you're at Buffalo Trace, when you exit the distillery you'll probably turn right, toward downtown
    Frankfort. Instead go left. In a short distance, there's a little liquor store on the right. They 
    should have whatever Buffalo Trace product you need. You might think they get a lot of traffic from
    the distillery but they don't, since you pretty much have to know they're there.

Whiskey Advocate Blog


Jefferson Rye

    Asked about Cask Strength bourbon and Binny's guy suggested these:
    Rare Breed

Bourbon Whiskey: Elija Craig 18 year

George T Stagg info

Thomas Handy Rye

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Reviews

   Cheap but good bourbon
   Stuff that I like
     W L Weller Special Reserve
     Jim Beam Black 8 Year Double Aged
     Wild Turkey 101
   Still evaluating
     Evan Williams Black Label (Sam's Club)
     Ancient Age
     Ancient Ancient Age (Ten year, maybe only avail. in KY)
     Old Grand-Dad 114
     George Dickel Original No 12 Tennessee Whiskey
     Elijah Craig 12
   Best bottom barrel
   Weller reviews


Columbia-Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot are good

Quote from a friend about Rieslings: My favorite is Fetzer's Riesling. I think it is better than the Chateau St. Michelle, although I have not had the Relax. Riesling is actually my favorite wine and Fetzer is my favorite that I have tried. Something also close to a Riesling is called Guwertraminer. I don't know how to spell that exactly. Fetzer makes a great one of both and they run about $8-11 depending on where you buy it. I have found both wines at local grocery stores, World Market and Beverages and More stores. Costco has a good selection too.

Winelibrary wine store
Zachy's wine store

Heinemans Winery



Niagara Tastes just like the fresh picked grapes

Fritz Haag Riesling Spatlese Mosel Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr 2007, $45
Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt Riesling Spatlese Mosel Scharzhofberger 2007, $34

2012 is supposed to be a good wine year due to the dry weather.

Irish Creams

1/2 price Baily's substitute: Carolans Irish Cream


Tito's handmade vodka


White Hat Texas Rum