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Dubin Family Camping Trip 2016 -- Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Experience the fun of outdoor adventure at Starved Rock State Park. Whether you enjoy hiking along the nature trails or viewing the many spectacular overlooks along the Illinois River, recreational opportunities abound. From picnicking to fishing to boating, from horseback riding to camping to enjoying winter sports, there's so much to do that you'll come back again and again. The backdrop for your activities are 18 canyons formed by glacial meltwater and stream erosion. They slice dramatically through tree-covered, sandstone bluffs for four miles at Starved Rock State Park, which is located along the south side of the Illinois River, one mile south of Utica and midway between the cities of LaSalle-Peru and Ottawa. The park is best known for its fascinating rock formations, primarily St. Peter sandstone, laid down in a huge shallow inland sea more than 425 million years ago and later brought to the surface.

Starved Rock State Park Official Website

Starved Rock State Park IL DNR website

Our Camp Site Details:

•	Checkin Time: 3:00 pm
•	Checkout Time: 2:59 pm
•	Electricity Hookup: 30
•	Max Num of Vehicles: 2

•  For a campsite there is a maximum of 4 adults or one family (mom/dad and minor children) per site with not more than 2 tents. 
•  Alcohol is not permitted in the campground. 
•  Alcohol is permitted in the picnic area only June 1 - December 31. 
•  We hope you enjoy your stay or event. Remember, take only memories, leave only footprints. 
•  For specific park information or questions regarding your reservation, please call the Park Office at 815-667-5351 

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
Starved Rock State Park
Route 178 & Route 71; P.O. Box 509
Utica IL 61373

Phone Number:
Information: (815)667-4726



Services & Amenities:
Within Facility
•	Aquarium Display
•	Bird Watching
•	Boating
•	Boating, Canoeing
•	Cabins
•	Campground Host
•	Camping, Equestrian
•	Canoe Rental
•	Canoeing
•	Cash Machine/Atm
•	Dining
•	Dump Station, Camper
•	Fire Rings
•	First Aid Supplies
•	Fishing
•	Fishing, River/Stream
•	Grills
•	Handicap Sites
•	Hiking
•	Hiking - Difficult
•	Hiking - Moderate
•	Hiking Trail
•	Hunting
•	Information/Contact Station
•	Interpretive Center
•	Interpretive Exhibit/Display
•	Lodging, Cabins
•	Motel
•	Nature Center
•	Office/Ranger Station	
•	Parking
•	Photography
•	Picnic Area
•	Picnic Shelter
•	Picnic Tables
•	Picnicking
•	Playground
•	Recycling Station
•	Rentals, Boats, Canoe
•	Restaurant
•	Restrooms
•	Retail, Drinks
•	Retail, Firewood
•	Retail, Ice
•	Retail, Seasonal Concessions
•	Retail, Snacks
•	Retail, Store/Gift Shop
•	River/Stream
•	Shelters
•	Showers
•	Trails, Difficult Hiking
•	Trails, Easy Hiking/Walking
•	Trails, Equestrian
•	Trails, Moderate Hiking
•	Viewing Platform/Overlook
•	Walking
•	Water, Drinking
•	Waterfall
•	Waterfall Access
•	Wildflower Viewing
•	Wildlife Viewing
Within 10 Miles
•	Antiquing
•	Bicycling
•	Church
•	Emergency Services
•	Fuel, Boats
•	Fuel, Vehicles
•	Geological Formations
•	Golf
•	Grocery Store
•	Historic Sites
•	Horse Rentals
•	Hospital
•	Kennel	
•	Kiosk
•	Laundry
•	Maintenance, Vehicle
•	Mall
•	Marina
•	Medical Clinic
•	Retail, Bait & Tackle
•	Retail, Supplies
•	Swimming, Pool
•	Town
•	Water Slides

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Camping Supplies

Permethrin Clothes Wash insect repellent

Need Kerosene?
Kerosene is available at the Citgo in Bensenville, IL
101 W Irving Park Rd

Also available at the Speedway at Old Hicks and Dundee Rd.


Hensley Sway Control Hitch

ProPride Anti Sway Hitch

30126 Reese Elite Series Underbed Rail Kit 25k

5th wheel and under bed kit, 18k from Reese

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Equipment and Maintenance

Eurkea Tent info: The zipper slider wears and they will send a free kit with instructions. Replace it every 2.5 years or so.

Removing a Tick

Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 5 minutes Here's How:

1. Use latex exam gloves to examine your pet for ticks. Examine using good lighting.
2. Check your pet daily for ticks by thoroughly feeling for any lumps under the hair. Pay close attention to ears, around face, eyes, legs, and belly.
3. Ticks will range in size from the size of a sesame seed to the size of a fingernail (engorged).
4. When is tick is found embedded in the skin, use a fine pointed tweezers or tick remover tool at the point of attachment, and grasp the tick head firmly and as close to the skin as possible. Remember to wear latex gloves when doing this.
5. Using slow, steady, and firm traction, pull the tick straight out from the skin.
6. It is critical to NOT squeeze the tick body at any time -- this can inject more potential pathogens in to you or your pet while the tick is embedded. 7. Cleanse the skin with mild soap and water.
8. If a small part of the tick breaks off, you can try to remove it as you would a splinter, but it is probably best to leave it alone. The body will 'eject' it in time.
9. Place the tick in a jar of alcohol, noting the date, in case of future illness. Tick identification and location of tick infestation will be important.

Apply antiseptic ointment to the bite.

Do NOT use a match or caustic materials to try to smother the tick or get the tick to "back out". This doesn't work, and may be causing the tick to regurgitate more saliva (and potential pathogens) into the skin. Same goes for "smothering" the tick with petroleum jelly or similar material. Talk to your vet about effective tick control (spray, powder, spot-on, or collar) for your pet. FLEA & TICK CONTROL products can also be found at local pet stores. Check pet daily, especially in the spring when ticks are most common.

What You Need:
Latex gloves
Good pair of tweezers
Soap and water
Jar or plastic bag to label and save removed tick

Plants to Avoid

Let's say it together: "Leaves of three, let it be!"

Poison Oak

Poison Ivy

Poison Sumac

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