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Four rules of Firearms Safety

Bullet Proof ME Body Armor

Countermeasure Consulting --What do do in active shooter situations

CCW Insurance

CCW Safe

Ruger 10-22

Titan 1022 Stock


   The centers:

F-Class Targets at Pistoleer

Action Target Store - Targets

Shooting Rests and Bags

Pistol Rest


Why "No Guns" Signs are a very bad idea

gun bans are not the answer

Police training video - Stop the thread ASAP

Friend or Foe


Bargain Arms, Prairie View

Joe Jakubik, Smart Targets, LLC, 630-441-0908, (From Pete)

NRA Instructors Recommended by David Bloomberg

    Steve Carrera
    Joel Ostranger

NRA Instructor Portal

These people are ANTI-Freedom and promote "Gun Free Zones" though their political malfeasance


Rep. Michael J. Zalewski, sponsor of HA2, create gun free zones in and around public schools.

Rep. Kelly Burke, sponsor of HA3, create gun free zones in and around child care facilities.

Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, sponsor of HA4, creates gun free zones in and around governemnt owned buildings.

Rep. Lou Lang, sponsor of HA5, creates gun free zones in and around casino's, and places with video poker.
Rep. Lou Lang, sponsor of HA7, creates gun free zones in and around public libraries.

Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson, sponsor of HA6, creates gun free zones in and around hospitals and mental health facilities.

Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, sponsor of HA8, creates gun free zones in and around stadiums.

Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy, sponsor of HA9, creates gun free zones in and around amusment parks.

Rep. Deborah Mell, sponsor of HA14, creates gun free zones in and around public transportation.

On 2/26/2013, on the floor of the Illinois General Assembly, these people all heard logical arguments, providing step by step evidence showing how creating gun free zones invites and has invited crime, mass murder, death and mayhem. These people refuse and continue to refuse to comprehend the truth and have demonstrated their sheer stupidity and ignorance and inability to follow simple logical facts. It's unfathomable these incompetent individuals are part of Illinois Government. Absolutely ludicrous to trust in the individuals listed above. Its no wonder Illinois is the laughing stock of the nation, muddled in debt, with many former polititians in jail!

Revolver Shooting


Long Range Shooting

Applied Ballistics - Read the white papers

Lee custom made collet neck sizing die order information

Before going to Canada via Port Huron

THS will let you check-in the handgun to the gunsmith for $25

Body Armor


Nikon BDC Scope

Nikon Spot On application for Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 Riflescope

Inline XR 300 BDC

Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 BDC

Glock Stuff

Glock barrels recomended by Pete

Lone Wolf Glock 36 barrel, can use with lead

Lone Wolf Glock 26 barrel, can use with lead

Lone Wolf Glock 17 barrel, can use with lead

Ammo online stores

SG Ammo for the Federal LE Low Recoil 9 pellet buckshot


Online Stores

Andrew's Customer Leather

Theis Holsters

Armslist Classified Ads

High Noon Holsters

The 629 Classic comes with a .25 Height front sight

SDM Fabricating for S&W Fiber Optic Sights The easy way to remove the 629 front sight is to grasp the end you look at with the visible element and lift straight up. This gives a lot of leverage and compresses the plunger very easily.

BellmTcs .357 Maximum

Custom Barrel Maker

A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

Gemini Customs - Ruger trigger work, etc

TC Encore

51 lbs hammer spring
Lock bolt springs, replacements

44 lbs hammer spring
Number 4 sear spring 2.5 lbs

Encore Trigger Job

CCW Reciprocity

MGM Custom Encore Barrels

Encore Classifieds

JR Custom Leather



Tucker Texas Heritage

Simply Rugged Silver Dollar Pancake

A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

AR-15 Info

Read this before buying

Article about configurations

Buyer's Guide

AR-15 Primer

Rockwell Arms (need to check out vendor still)

Buyers guide

So you wanna buy an AR15

AR Buyers Guide

Mini-14 Info

Amega Mount for Mini-14

444 Marlin Info

LB Moulds - Book on lead bullets

Chuck Hawks

1:38 twist accuracy forum post

action job info

Trigger tune et al


Racine County Line Rifle Club - RCLRC

Aurora Sportsman's Club



Match Schedule

Laws and Bills and politics

Info for Buffalo Grove Trustees

Illinois Gun Bills