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Ice Fishing

    CLAM Fish Trap 2000 Cabin-Style 2-Man Icefishing Shelter, 8200   $249.99
    Clam Big Foot XL2000 Ice Fishing Shelter, 2-3 Anglers   $229.99

Minnesota Shelter maker

General Fishing Info

Illinois Consumption Advisory

Lake Michigan Fishing

Milwaukee Harbor

Salmon Showdown

    For yellow bird planers, use the black or orange
    off shore planer releases
    Offshore Tackle

Lloyd Park Launch, Winnetka, IL


1 and 1/2 to 2 times the dodger length is a starting point for leader. Sometimes longer is better, shorter gives a zippier presentation. 00 Red/orange and "clown" dodgers for springtime coho, larger 0 silver, white or green for kings in summer.

Lead Core

Five color recipe:
300' Of 30lb. dacron braid Backing, 150' Of 27lb. Leadcore and 50' Of 20lb. Mono

Ten color recipe:
150' Of 30lb. dacron braid Backing, 150' Of 27lb. Leadcore and 50' Of 20lb. Mono

Fishing Report Forum

Online Boating Safety class

Lake Michigan Angler

Fly and dodger rigging

Wisconsin Fishing Reports

Its about 6' per levelwind let out


Dipsy converted.jpg

From a site I found, I got these instructions: Single Egg Cure The Single Egg Cure produces single eggs that are firm enough to place on a hook. Boil water with 3 tablespoons of canning salt. Dip salmon or trout eggs into the boiling water for 5-15 seconds using a strainer. The object is to get a rubbery texture in the egg. It take some pratice so do not do your entire batch at once. Air dry the eggs on paper towels. Then freeze in plastic bags.

I boiled them about 15 seconds, but I don't know what rubbery means. Some popped fairly easily when squeezed. Should it take some pressure before popping?

Did the drying and froze them. I laid some in single flat layers in plastic wrap and/or a sandwich baggy. I made small sac piles and froze some that way too. It looks like none popped after freezing,so I'll see what happens when they thaw and when I handle them while tying sacs.

Either I wrecked a whole bunch of eggs, or I prepared a whole lot of bait.

Inland Lake Fishing

Long Lake, IL
$10 launch fee
Take Rt 59 North (where it branches from Rand)
Turn right on Wilson Rd.
Go past one light, before the bridge, driveway on the right.
Swan's Resort is where the ramp is. There's a very small parking lot, maybe six trailers.
If you go over the bridge, you went too far.

Silver Lake, WI
Launch off of N. Cogswell Drive (288th Ave/ Cty B)
South from 50

Lake Como, Geneva, etc
Includes Lake Como

Lake Menona
Lake Menona, WI

Lake Michigan Boat Launches

Highland Park, IL

Chicago Harbor Info

Winnetka, IL