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Gas Cylinders

Exchange at Weldmart
125 cf Argon 75 / CO2 25 Size 'M'
125 cf 100% Argon Size 'M'
250 cf O2 Size 'K'

Exchange at Airgas
150cf Alumix Argon 70 / Helium 30

Cylinder size chart

Cylinder size comparison charts

Robust cylinder size comparison charts and info


    2% Ceriated Tungsten -- Steel on DC
    2% Lanthanated Tungsten -- Aluminum on AC

Millerwelds TIG Resources

TIG Technique

TIG settings

AC Frequency and Balance Article

Selecting the right tungsten

Preparing aluminum for welding

Coatings, Powder-Coating, Finishing


Bed Liner products

Welding Shows

Fabtech Welding show, go here for free passes (Try 'VIP' for the promo code)

Derek from here, at the annual fabtech show

Stores and suppliers

Weldingwire.com - parameters and such

USA Weld in Elk Grove Village - Wire



    Lehigh Valley Abrasives
    Hook and Loop Backup Pads
    Hook and Loop discs



McMaster for the Arm Length Gloves. They also have tube inserts

Caps, King Architectural Metals

Spring Handles

More bbq grill accessories

Millermatic small cover

Online for Indiana Oxygen


Weld-Mart in Wheeling

Gilder's Paste

Metalworks store in Des Plaines

Metal cutting blades


Jordan Supply
345 N. Wolf
Aluminum scrap, etc.
Tell them Butch sent me (from Weld-mart)

Metal Suppliers

Gauge thickness chart

Roco Steel in Carol Stream--Delivery should be about $30

About Expanded metal


USA Weld - HTP Welders, Consumables. Elk Grove Village

    Spoolmate 100 Tips
    Spoolmate .035 3035 Part #186406

Miller Welds

Grizzly Vice Brake

Tubing Notcher

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Lincoln Electric

Arc Zone



Miller Welders at Airgas

Miller Stick Welder

O/E Aluminum Welding book

Disposable respirators

Welding fume respirators

Hole Saws

Hammerite paint

Smith Dual Guard Cutting Torch Propane Md-510Lpt

How-to's and articles

How to notch tube with a chop saw

Solar Flux for back of stainless steel welds

Removing galvanizeing and mill scale

Metal information

Bending on the cheap

How to weld aluminum for beginners

Welding tips and Tricks site

The James F Lincoln Foundation

Removing Zinc

Painting and finishing

Heat Straightening

Engineering Toolbox

Hypertherm Cutting Institute

Hypertherm Centricut Consumables

Cleaning Aluminum

ESAB University

College of Lake County Courses

WLD 170 General Welding 2 units Provides a general and basic knowledge of safety, operation, and the fundamentals of gas, shielded metal arc, gas tungsten and gas metal arc welding. Develops primary and essential skills in their safe and proper operation. Equipment set up, applications, tools, materials will be covered. Development of welding skills are secondary to the primary understanding of safety, and knowledge of welding processes application and associated equipment.

WLD 171 Gas Welding, Cutting, and Brazing 3 units Welding theory, safety, care of equipment, skill development and application with the fuel-gas process. Covers fusion welding, brazing, and cutting processes with steel. Opportunity to practice and work with pipe, cast iron, aluminum, and soldering.

WLD 172 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 3 units Covers the fundamental theory and practice of "stick" electrode welding in the flat and horizontal positions. Safety, equipment set-up and adjustment, materials preparation, and electrode selection are emphasized. Opportunity to work with a variety of material thicknesses, joint designs, and all common electrode types; as well as access to a large variety of machine types. Welding of steel and its alloys is emphasized, but opportunity is provided for study and practice of welding other metals.

WLD 174 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding 3 units Advanced study in "stick" electrode welding theory and practices. Features opportunity to develop out-of-position welding abilities on plate and pipe, study methods of weld testing, certification procedures, and welding of stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum with the SMAW process.

WLD 175 Gas Metal Arc Welding 3 units This course involves the theory and skill development of GMAW (mig or "wire-feed" process) and FCAW (flux core) arc welding. Students will have the opportunity to study the various aspects and application of this process with steel, aluminum and stainless steel under a variety of conditions. Machine set-up, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair are incorporated throughout the course.

WLD 178 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3 units This course involves the theory and skill development of GTAW (Tig or "Heliarc" process) arc welding. Students will have the opportunity to study the various aspects of this process with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals under a variety of conditions. Machine set-up, operations, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair are incorporated throughout the course.

WLD 176 Welding Certification 1 min / 3 max units Designed to allow the student to prepare for and complete certification or qualification testing utilizing chosen process(es). Standard welding codes (ASME, AWS, API) will be used, or those codes specified by a current or potential employer. NOTE: Student shall be responsible for the costs of any testing or lab reports performed by outside agents. Individuals or groups with special needs or requirements may enroll with the consent of the department chair.

Triton College



Projects and photo's

Welding Fabrication Gallery

Lincoln Electric Projects